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Copper Bath Tubs

We are pleased to present these luxurious copper bath tubs. These pieces are available as a custom order only.

To place your order or for more information please call us at (800) 984-0778.

Ternura - Limited Time Price $3,295.00 (as shown)
Free Standing Slipper Copper Bathtub - BT003CV
Shown in: Cafe Viejo (hammered)
Gauge: 16
60L" x 29W" x 30H" (also available in larger sizes)
Available in:
   Other Sizes:
   66" x 33" x 32" (L x W x H). BT003CV = $3,495.00
   72" x 34" x 35" (L x W x H). BT003CV = $3,695.00

Siesta - Limited Time Price $5,845.00 (as shown)
Drop in Rectangular Copper Bathtub - BT002CV
Shown in: Cafe Viejo (hammered)
Gauge: 16
72L" x 36W" x 24H"

Available in:

Romantica - Limited Time Price $7,925.00 (as shown)
Oval Double Wall Free Standing Copper Bathtub - BT001CV
Shown in: Cafe Viejo (hammered)
Gauge: 16
64L" x 36W" x 24H"

Available in:

Artesano Cooper Sinks offers a unique selection of copper bath tubs. Our copper bath tub collection expands from our standard Slipper cooper bath tub to our luxurious copper bath tubs models like the rectangular Drop in Siesta and the Double Wall free standing Romantica copper bath tubs. Our copper bath tubs are made to order and dropped ship directly to our customers in wooden crates.

To have a bath tub in your home is a real treat. Itís unique. Itís beautiful. Most importantly, itís constantly fighting to keep your home healthy and bacteria free.

Copper has become quiet popular in the home renovation world these days, and itís not just because of its good looks. Copper does bring a warmth and artistic appeal with its hand hammered detail, creating effortless style and elegance. But being manís oldest metal, there is more than what meets the eye. A powerful and beneficial attribute of copper is itsí antimicrobial element, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Hammered surfaces are stronger than Smooth surfaces. In general Smooth surfaces have a tendency to show scratches and dents more than hammered surfaces. Please be cautious when making your selection specially for a large piece such as a bath tub. All of our copper bath tubs are 100% hand hammered but we can also custom produce them with a smooth finish or a combination of both methods (hammered outside and smooth inside).