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Copper Sink Frequently Asked Questions

o Is Artesano Design a Green Company?
Yes we are. We care about our environment and our planet by utilizing processes and materials that are people and environment friendly. We re-cycle the majority of the copper used in our sinks as well as the wood used as a source of energy.
o Do copper sinks scratch or tarnish?
Copper is a metal, and like all metallic surfaces, may scratch. It is non-porous and will not stain in the traditional sense of the word. However, copper will naturally patina over time, a chemical process that causes the metal to enrich itís color making each piece more beautiful through the years.
o How do you care for and maintain copper sinks?
Taking care of your copper sink is easy and hassle free. The way to keep your copper basin in optimal condition is to keep it clean. Use mild soap and water and dry it down periodically with a soft cloth. Other cleaners are not necessary. We do not recommend using copper cleaners or acidic substances as they may alter the finish.
o Do copper sinks have antibacterial benefits?
Yes they do. Copper has extraordinary antibacterial properties. Please click here to view an article relating to the health benefits of using a copper sink in your kitchen. Copper kills hazardous bacteria such as E. coli in a few hours as opposed to stainless steel and other conventional surfaces where bacteria can be present for extended periods of time (weeks in some cases).
o Does Artesano Design offer perfect matching drains?
Yes. Our drains are selected specifically for our basins. The finishes of our drains will match the finishes of our basins. The overall cosmetic look will be very pleasant and attractive.
o Does Artesano Design take custom orders?
Yes we do. Custom or non-catalog items cannot be cancelled or returned. Once the custom order is quoted the lead-time is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the piece. Please call us for more details.
o What are the fulfillment and shipping lead times?
Copper. We typically ship within 48 hours of receiving and confirming the order. In case that an item is backordered, we will notify you immediately and provide a shipping date. Lead-time for backordered catalog items is generally 3 weeks. Bathroom and Bar Collections in Satin Nickel are made to order and have a lead-time of 6 weeks.

Bathtubs are made to order and have a lead-time of 4 weeks for the Cafe Viejo finish and 6 weeks for the special Satin Nickel finish. The Kitchen Collection in Satin Nickel have a 6 week lead-time. Our most popular drains the DR001, DR600 and DR700 series ships in 48 hours. Please call us for our other custom drain finishes.

Stone. All our stone sinks are build to order. The lead time is 4 weeks after receiving and confirming the order. All items ship ground. Free shipping only applies to the 48 contiguous states. Additional charges are incurred for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Our pieces are securely packed in wood crates so your sink arrives in perfect condition.
o Does Artesano Design have a Privacy Policy?
Yes. Artesano Design respects your privacy and thus will never release any personal information (including your home address, email address, and phone number) to any third party.
o What is Artesano Design Return Policy?
Please see our Return Policy.
o What is Artesano Design's Limited Warranty?
See our full Warranty Information.