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Masters of the Arts Collection: Bathroom Copper Sinks - Vessel Sinks - Thick Gauge #14 & Double Wall Designs
The Unique and Exclusive Masters of the Arts collection pieces are hand made of a very thick copper gauge # 14 (the lower the gauge number the thicker the copper - refer to images below) and some pieces have unique double wall designs; both extremely rare in the industry.

Artesano Cooper Sinks offers an impressive selection of Vessel Sinks. Our vessel copper sinks are made out of a very thick gauge 14 that is very unique in the industry. Our Masters of the Arts Bathroom Copper Sinks Collection is our premier bath collection featuring extraordinary pieces made of very thick Gauge 14 and Double Wall designs that are unique and exclusive in the industry. Each sink carries the name of a well-known artist in their respective fields such as painting, sculpting, photography, etc. A large portion of this collection is composed by Vessel sinks but we also offer Self-Rimming sinks .

Our pieces are design based on industry standards including drain and vanity sizes. All our bathroom sinks fit on a standard 20- 21 vanity top. For our larger/wider pieces (19 in diameter) such as the Salgado, Rodin and Nachtwey we recommend faucets that are wall mounted and/or 22 24 wide (or higher) vanity tops. However; these wider pieces can be installed on a standard vanity top if the faucet is installed on the side of the sink and not directly on the back.

Our most popular vessel copper sinks in gauge 14 is the Botero. The Botero is a corpulent oval design; it is very commanding in a quiet way. This piece is fairly large with an average height of 6. It is a very exciting piece when installed as a fully exposed vessel sink and it also looks striking when partially dropped-in and yet in part exposed.

In the self rimming category the Doisneau is the most requested copper vessel sink. The Doisneau is a large low profile (2 visible height) rectangular piece. It is a self-rimming sink due to the 2 apron that extends around the sides. The top edges are 2 wide on the sides and 1 in the front and back making this work of art a very striking piece.