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We offer high quality copper kitchen sinks with apron front and with out it. The kitchen copper sinks collection includes different designs and sizes in order to accommodate a variety of installations. Like the rest of our copper sinks our kitchen hammered copper sinks are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines that include TIG welding (with copper rods) for a very strong weld and long term durability. We also offer custom options for all of our kitchen copper sinks.

The most relevant factors to be considered during the manufacturing process include how the corners are constructed (interior edges and corners have to be smooth and free of burs), the welding technique, the finishing process and the proper dimensions and tolerances for ease of installation.

Our copper kitchen sinks like the rest of our copper sinks are hammered copper sinks. As part of the manufacturing process our copper kitchen sinks are heat treated twice and 100% hammered given the copper sink a very strong rigidity and therefore long term durability.

One of the most important benefits of kitchen copper sinks is that copper sinks have Antibacterial Properties Research has shown that copper sinks help combat and kill dangerous bacteria such as E-coli and more. While deadly bacteria can live for up to month on a stainless steel surface copper has been shown to wipe them out completely in less than 14 hours. This is because of the natural density of copper it does not have the microscopic crevices and pits for bacteria to hide in.