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Apron Front (Farmhouse) Kitchen Copper Sinks

Our Kitchen Copper Sinks collection includes Apron Front Kitchen Copper Sinks also called Farmhouse Copper Sinks. We offer Farmhouse Kitchen Copper Sinks with straight or curved aprons and with a singular or double basin. As in our bathroom copper sink collections, apron front copper sinks for kitchens are very popular and are a major trend in today’s kitchen designs. We also carry copper kitchen sinks without apron front for a typical under mount installation.

It is very important to properly take care of your Kitchen Copper Sinks. The way to keep your copper sink in optimal condition is to keep it clean and dry. For basic cleaning, simply use a mild soap and water; other cleaners are not necessary. A good habit is to wipe the sink dry after each use, especially in hard water areas. Do not use corrosives such as chlorine or concentrated vinegar, abrasive cleaners or copper cleaners. To prevent discoloration or damage to the finish, avoid acidic substances (lemons, pineapples, citruses in general, ketchup, wine) left in contact with the copper surface. However, if an acidic product removes some of the patina, do not worry the patina will naturally return over time – generally in a matter of days - and will once again match the surrounding area.

When using copper kitchen sinks it is very important not to place pots and pans extremely hot on the surface of the sink or leave them unattended – especially overnight - since the finish can be damaged or removed.